Tales of Ark Survival (or not surviving)

Last weekend Steam had an excellent deal on Ark Survival Evolved and I may have jumped at the offer. It’s one I’ve seen other people play and was interested to try. I also may be hooked to what I’ve affectionately called “the dinosaur game.”

My friend also downloaded it. This is the tale of how there are two different types of people when it comes to new games:

  1. Goes in with the wiki articles up, start up guides, youtube videos all ready to go. By the time my game loaded I needed to only figure out some basics and then I was off and running.
  2. “I forgot there was a wiki for this. I was figuring it out on my own.”

The following is some dialogue that has been on going this week because of this game.

“I’m gonna make torches for at night. That seems to scare away most of the dinosaurs.” *several minutes later* “Apparently T-Rex is drawn to torches.”

“Haven’t you seen Jurassic Park? Except they use flares, don’t they?”

“Ah! These ones keep spitting poison at me and I keep dying!”

“Haven’t you seen Jurassic Park? That’s how that one dude died!”

*gives me a good, long, narrowed-eye stare*

“I’ve tamed a dinosaur! I’ve named him Tim. I will love him forever!” *several minutes later* “Tim’s dead. He might have attacked something dangerous.”

“Why are you shooting arrows into the sky?”

“Because there was this bird and it stole some of my stuff!” *furiously fires again*

“There are sabertooths in this game. Just so you know, they’re quite vicious.”

“This is Saidie. Look at my new dino that I will try and take better care of this time around!”

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