ToraCon 2017

Work so far this week has been hard and has offset what a fantastic weekend I had at RIT’s ToraCon. It was such an amazing time of hanging out with friends, making new ones, and searching for Snipes on campus.

Our first taste of ToraCon (after orienting ourselves as neither of us were familiar with the buildings) was to hop into line for the Cosplay Chess showing and it was incredibly entertaining. Unlike most of it’s kind, this one is was fully scripted and certainly got a number of laughs, especially from me as Hetalia trash. Some of my favourites had to be Johnny Bravo, Captain Planet, and Arnold from the Magic School Bus as appearances of fond childhood nostalgia.

There were a number of great panels I visited: Hellsing Q&A, Wheel of Cosplay, Whose Line is it Anime? to name a few. The most useful of them all was the one hosted by author of Centernia, Rose Catherine Khan, who devoted the panel time to her journey in getting her book independently published and also some ideas and guidelines for creating a fictional world.

You can read her blog post which contains the checklist she shared with us, but I was so excited to note that many of these items I could check off already for my own fictional country! I caught her after her panel when I asked her advice about how she manages to schedule time to write so I will do my best to paraphrase what she said to me.

Write. Make time. If it is something that you want to do, make the time to work on it. Don’t let your time be wasted (say, by watching loads of tv *cough* I know I’m bad at this one sometimes).

Overall, I had such a great weekend and I cannot wait until next year to attend again.

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