Nickel City Con 2017

Today was just what the doctor ordered.

The past couple weeks have been rough. Just a few days ago I was bitten by kid left in my care on top of having to run between my jobs and the one always seems to demand the most time out of me. I’ve been exhausted emotionally and physically, coming home after I’ve put in my hours, looking at my sewing projects in utter despair and curling up on the couch in a near coma-like state.

Today, however, we got up early and drove the two hours from home in a two car caravan for 8 con goers, a sudden jump from the two of us! I donned Magical Strike America, becoming virtually unrecognizable in this odd AU version of him while being incredibly comfortable. No time was spent getting into cosplay in the parking lot this time!

Like many Western NY cons, I had not yet been to this one, but I had a great time. I caught up with QMA Cosplay and TJWarzone to form the Ultimate Trash Trio and we took a dozen various pictures of each other in various fun poses. I honestly feel refreshed and ready to face another few weeks of work and life until the next one.

And I mingled in the crowd with Nichelle Nichols (Uhara from original Star Trek) and Martin Klebba (of Pirates of the Caribbean)!!

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