An End of May Reflection

Today I ate a warm krispy kreme, soaked in the new hot tub, and got my car fixed. Seems like the perfect afternoon for a little bit of reflection.

I cannot believe we already sit at the end of May. Tomorrow is June and I must renew my inspection. Luckily my girl was worked on today and should hopefully pass with ease. All that will be left will be an oil change! This has been worrying me all month as I’ve set aside money and budgeted for it, but there is quite a bit of relief that comes with not seeing the check engine light on my dash.

Progress on Absolute steadily marches forwards. Writing my novel has become the relaxing activity when I come home from work, usually because I take my mind off of how I was bitten by a child or screamed at by their parent and work on creating this world that I continue to hope and pray one person will enjoy.

It makes me nervous to write it as I see so many conflicting ideas of how to write a novel. Recently I read an article by Derek Murphy where he detailed his tips and tricks to selling more books, and I read every publishing article I can get my hands on. The fourth on his list doesn’t sit well with me. His books are trope heavy and he makes a quick list of tropes that the current books that sell well have. Think Hunger Games or Divergent. In order to sell more, he creates books that follow the same patterns of the market. It’s smart and I hate that.

I suppose I am writing for myself. Which likely explains why I am writing a series about a dictator, not some female protagonist who will save the world. I hope there are others out there like me and might pick up my book on a whim. I won’t make a living on this, that much is for sure.

But as I sat by myself at my job nearly in tears over the past few weeks I look forward to my time alone at home with my novel. For that reason I will keep working on it.

My goals for June are:

  • Finish reading ‘Beneath a Scarlet Sky’ by Mark Sullivan.
  • Complete a chapter a week for the next draft of Absolute
  • Finish my Palutena cosplay

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