Connecticon 2017 and the difference of two years

Two years ago I scurried around last minute, doing final paint touch ups, practice makeup runs, and generally freaking out about wearing the most complicated costume I had ever made to date. How would this complex fabric, paint, foam, clay, etc monstrosity hold up over the course of an entire con day? What would people think of me driving to a convention covered in strange face paint and equally strange wig? How uncomfortable would I be? Would people point and laugh at my awkward cosplay attempts?

It seems funny now, but these were legitimate concerns I had while I was preparing to take true form Midna out for her first ever debut. I went to work the day before, my hands covered in paint that would not scrub off and swore up and down to my coworkers that it would not come off on anything. On the day I was so nervous that I took nearly 3x longer to put everything on as I stood beside my mother’s van adjusting everything in the reflection of the windows.


Midna, out for the very first time!

Connecticon has been one of my favourite conventions. Not to say that it doesn’t have downsides and places where it can improve as a convention. But it is the community of people who have attended who make me want to go back again. The overwhelming response I had that first CTcon stunned me.

It felt just as good to attend this year. Despite the time gap, the changes in lineup and events present, the people there were still friendly. I showed up on my own, but was invited along to parties and taken out to dinner. I look forward to my own time to walk the halls, but was not without shortage of people to strike up conversations with. I shared my Instagram account, phone number, and even met my very own fan who was so wonderful I nearly cried when she ran up to tell me I was were favourite Midna cosplayer. I hope to see them all next year!


Makeup game is strong despite the high temperature outdoors

I did not make it to many of the panels or events this year. This was mostly because of my complete lack of attention towards time or because I was focused on something else but I stepped into a few writing panels. During the “Motivation for Writing” panel I was applauded for finishing a first draft, making me very flustered. It is an incredible accomplishment to finish a draft, but as I’m still working towards the point of admitting that I am a writer and have a novel in the works without two glasses of wine in me (it’s a step).

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