Baldwinsville Comic Conversation 2017

It was a free con minus the cost of gas and I needed a day out of town. So at 6pm the night before I pressed ‘Going’ on their Facebook event and at 11pm I was pulling cosplay pieces out of their boxes and lamenting the number of wrinkles everything seemed to have acquired.

Austria is a character from the anime Hetalia and I’m not entirely sure what it is that draws me to him. Maybe it’s the love for classical music, baking while not having to do the dishes, or not wanting to go outside. Or perhaps it’s because I have been to Austria and loved my experience there (where else could you hear street performers singing opera or find showrooms for grand pianos?).

Unfortunately he has been placed away in storage for over a year and a half. The last con involved an awkward Hetalia panel that I would much rather forget and I couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed by the entire thing. But seeing as I still have that odd affinity for the character I decided it was time for him to once more see the light of day.

When I first pulled out the cosplay I was disappointed to see what a mess it had become. Everything was incredibly wrinkled, the coat was covered in hair and fuzz, and unfortunately the wig needed styling. Last minute anything with cosplay usually does not produce the best results, but I shrugged it off. In the morning I fixed the wig the best I could for the time frame and went on my way. It is a small con with maybe a hundred attendees, but everyone was friendly and welcoming. And I was steered towards the cosplay contest which after some deliberation ended up signing up for.

Judging now terrifies me. At Retro Game Con last year I entered my true form Midna and was torn apart by the judge who nitpicked my hand sewing and that I had not created my own bias tape for the project. So when it was my turn to stand before the judges yesterday, knowing that I had spent even less time and effort on this cosplay, I was a little nervous. I was even more nervous when the one woman wanted to inspect my coat closer. However, they were all incredibly kind. They complimented the buttons and top stitching and I ended the day by winning a Judge’s Choice award. The picture is me wearing the Iron Man sunglasses that were a part of my prize. This is the second time I have ever won, but I couldn’t be more excited. I’m even writing this entry in the shirt and glasses I received!

This con was cute and small, but it allowed an atmosphere that made it easy to speak for a time with just about anyone. This is how I ended up having a 30 minute conversation with C.W. Briar who is the author of Wrath and Ruin. (Check him out here!) There were many great people here, so I hope to go back next year. This is definitely an easy con for anyone who would like to be out while taking a break from the sometimes overwhelming and fast paced options out there.

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