2 Con Weekend: Twin Tiers and RocCon

The biggest problem with this past weekend was that I had two different groups of friends each looking to go to cons an hour away from each other. So after a lot of scrambling, I managed to work it out to spend one day at each.

And at each day, I won a competition!

Saturday at Twin Tiers I won Best it Show, which was a huge honour for me! My Twili Midna cosplay took the top spot and earned be a good cash prize. I nearly cried I was so happy and excited seeing as this was my first big win and it helped to reverse a disastrous contest last year with the same costume.

Sunday me and my friends won the skit competition! I was Yzma, the villain of Emperor’s New Groove that had to deal with Russel, the wilderness explorer of Up trying to earn his helping the elderly badge.

I’m going to write another post later about my Yzma cosplay, but it was some of the most fun out that I’ve had. My friend held a panel on Sunday that was a version of the game Superfight, but for cosplayers. The true highlight of the panel was Yzma following the losers back to their seats ringing a bell and crying out “Shame!” We had to have the door to the panel room closed, but it was worth it!

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