NYCC 2017

It seems hard to believe that NYCC ’17 ended a week ago and I know for me that has primarily because I was stricken with the notorious con flu (also known by many names such as con crud). Normally I get away with avoiding such plagues, but alas, not this time. Despite my attention to routine hand washing and not touching my face I still spent the past few days curled up in bed with boxes of tissues and Vicks Vaporub.

Having finally broken free from my cloudy haze of congestion I am ready to recount my time at what hails as the biggest convention on the East Coast and likely only reviled by the massive San Diego Comic Con.

I met up with friends near Newark, NJ for the weekend to crash on their couch and go as a group from Final Fantasy XV. We had several of the prominent characters and I toted along an impressive over 6′ trident through the metro and downtown, through the security checkpoint and into the packed Javits Center. From there, our group headed for the Square Enix booth. And stayed there.

Yes, I spent most of my weekend in one place. I am a little disappointed.

When I finally managed to break away from my friends, primarily late Friday night and Saturday afternoon, I was finally able to wander some of the halls and booths, take pictures of cosplayers, talk to vendors, and be somewhat sociable as I chatted with various attendees. I made sure to find the booth with Piggy, the three-legged super-dog, and give the patience pup a pat while I talked to his owner. And I searched the tables until I found my favourite steampunk airship comic. I came away with plenty of cards and goodies to keep myself occupied searching Instagram for new friends I have met.

Not to mention, Saturday we arrived via bicycle cart. I rode by myself, large trident in one hand, wearing my long white gown as the oracle princess from the game and pulled up in front as though I were true royalty arriving in a carriage.

I had a great time in New York City. Though I’ve also learned my lesson about which friends I decide to spend all of my time with. My parking ticket fees would have been enough for me to have had my own hotel room meaning I would have had a bed, a shower, and little more stress-free weekend.

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