NaNoWriMo 2017- Preptober

This had been such an awkward month. In the midst of searching for a new (and hopefully better) job and I’m also thinking towards next month and the yearly challenge to write 50k words by midnight Nov 30th. Perhaps I’m being a little ambitious, but I am going to go for it anyway.

Coming off of last year’s win where I completed most of the first draft to Absolute, I’m taking a break in my editing to attempt a draft for its sequel: Dilemma. This leaves me a month to hand over my edits to my first alpha reader for some initial feedback while I let my mind wander off of Daan and onto a different MC with Rayan. I am both nervous and excited for Nov 1st in just a few short days.

My prep work isn’t like how it was last year. With Absolute, I started off the month with a complete detailed outline. This years outline is a bit looser. I know what should happen and I’m using the final hours to flesh out some of the characters as I go. But the details? Well, this time we may try seeing where the story takes me this time.

But the biggest difference? I have actually announced to people that I am participating. It wasn’t until my win that I told more than my best friend that I was even attempting it. Is it growth? I would like to think so.

So wish me luck! Hopefully I will be able to keep the streak going, but if not that I will learn something new from this year.

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