NaNoWriMo Update- Week 1

Week Goal: 6,666

Actual Total: 6,734

This entirely depends on how you count your weeks, but for me I’m going by the American standard where Sunday is the first day of the week on the calendar. If you have disagreements that’s fine, but just roll with me on this.

NaNo began Wednesday and like the previous year I waited through Halloween for the first sprint at midnight. November is an exciting month full of writing and challenging myself to push back against writers block and self doubt. Will I be able to continue with a routine? Or will my cat sit on my keyboard and life priorities eat up my time? Who knows!

This year I realised that there were some similar problems that I had with 2016 and that has to do with the beginning of a novel. While I love my plot premise, those first few chapters have been getting a lot of scrutiny and changed fairly frequently. But that’s alright. This is a process. But it can make that first few days of NaNo feel like I’m floundering in a sea of plot points that aren’t quite connecting yet.

Is it a beatiful work of art yet? Not even close. But this is where I struggle and I know if I keep pushing I will discover my characters better and possibly even surprise myself!

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