NaNoWriMo Update- Week 2

I’ll just state it plainly: I have fallen behind.

What started as an already difficult week became worse within the first few days. Where I am staying for the month needed to be fumigated after becoming overrun with wasps. Let me just say it is difficult to write with several agents of death flying above your head.

This put me out for a few nights as we set off cans of fog in the building and shut the doors. It was quite the sight to return in the morning to over a hundred bodies littering the floor, my bed, my desk…

As you can well imagine, I am still cleaning up the mess as every so often another wasp falls out of a crack in the ceiling…

Distraction number two is pictured above. Meet Alphonse, a Main coon with a bratty personality. He is great for cuddles, sleeps on his back, and makes a variety of interesting noises, but being displaced for a couple nights made him crazy. We set up shop in a borrowed camper and I made sure he had all the necessary amenities (your standard kibble bowl, water dish, and indoor plumbing box), and he proceeded to run up and down it and over the top of me and my laptop. My scribophile work thread updates have been filled with stories of the cat’s antics.

This week I caught him having hid a bag of cat food behind the couch (caught because he decided to sneak a snack and crunches very loudly). I took it away from him. He then kicked litter out of his box and flopped on the floor in a huff.

I own a furry toddler. I don’t need kids.

Here’s to spending next week catching up on my word count and Alphonse taking a nap during my writing sessions!

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