2017 Year in Review

Happy New Year!

2017 had it’s ups and downs for me. I started a new job then abandoned it and moved out of state because I was completely drained by it. I broke my track record of never needing anything done on my teeth by having my first wisdom tooth removed (and needing to pay out of pocket for it which hurt nearly as much). But I’m also starting out the new year with some positive notes, such as my new job and how there is currently a 15lb Maine Coone sleeping on my lap.

In the cosplay realm I had a productive year, most of which I will attribute to trying to get innovative when unexpected bills came my way. The crowning achievement of that was Yzma, the cosplay I put together for under $20. I suppose I find it silly how many people seem to push that only real cosplayers use worbla, an item that costs around $80-90 for a full sheet. I have never had so much fun than to spend the day screaming “Wrong lever!” and hiking up the hem of my dress with a “I bet you weren’t expecting this!” to revel a small fake knife I had tied to my thigh. I had so many people in fits of laughter.

That same weekend I won best in show, which was an incredible feat for me! I never thought it possible. I am retiring Midna from competitions, which only seems fair after that achievement.

I finished my first draft of Absolute at the beginning of the year and typed the all-important “The End” at the bottom. The rest of the year has been spent on editing my rough draft into something a little more polished. I also attempted NaNoWriMo again, which was not as successful as I had hoped, but not a complete disappointment in my eyes. I fleshed out characters I had been previously ignoring and was able to experiment a little more with my project.

Now that it’s 2018, what do I hope for with this next 12 months? I would like to have my draft reach a level of readiness to send to my first few test readers for feedback. I still have some work I would like to do on it and progress has been slow, but I feel as determined as ever. And as for cosplay, I really only have one plan right now, Moira from Overwatch.uwoyyxfatfquaup5wtif

However with the new year and some improvements in my health over the past week or two, I would also like to focus on myself somewhat. There are some things which aren’t where they ought to be and I’ve come to find that I need to stop and worry about what is happening to me. I really think that I’m starting off the year positively to be feeling an improvement. And that has been all I could hope for.


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