First Excerpt from my Draft of Absolute

While not the most exciting quote in the world, it’s the start of what I’m going to share. I’m looking forward to sharing more going forward as I look to eventually publish.

The gate leading to her property slammed shut with a startling crack of wood against wood that made a few of the party jump. Anyone may have dismissed it, except this was a night without any wind. When they turned back to look, Baris gave a sheepish shrug at having let it slip from his clumsy fingers.

4 thoughts on “First Excerpt from my Draft of Absolute

  1. Julieanne Riddle says:

    Great to find a fellow nerd and writer. I’m working on a manuscript right now, too. Looking forward to reading more of your work. I really like the sensory language of the out of ordinary snap of the gate. It adds a little suspense without being over the top.


      • Julieanne Riddle says:

        I’m working on a Christian adult fiction novel. But not a typical one. It’s about a born again Christian who also happens to be addicted to drugs. I am planning on posting some of it. I like writing about the intersection of faith and real life. What about you?

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      • Kris Lynn says:

        Oh, that sounds interesting! And for sure typical than a lot of fair I’ve seen around. I really hope you post some of it.
        I’m working on a speculative novel on how someone in a world with super powers discovers he’s the first technopath because it is approximately 1900 and electricity is still fairly new.


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