Overdue Introduction

Today I was told I have had a WordPress account for one year. Granted, that’s not how long I’ve had the blog going, but enough to make me take notice of things I could work on improving.

Which is probably why I pulled up WordPress U. this morning and opened one of their tutorials. Day one is the “hello world!” And why not?

Here’s 5 things about me:

1. If you’ve seen any of my previous posts from this past year, I’m into this thing called cosplay.

I spend a lot of weekends making costumes when I’m not attending events. I nerd out and cry over my favourite ships. Netflix recommends me anime and scifi and I started writing again by making poorly constructed fanfiction.

2. I am a cat mom.

His name is Alphonse and he is fat and fluffy. Look at him sleeping peacefully in this picture, fooling you into believing he is actually an innocent kitty and not at all a terror some days.

He woke me up at 4 am last week by booping my nose.

3. I enact my revenge on him by dressing him up however.

Alphonse has his own little Full Metal Alchemist jacket.

I should mention I just like dressing up any cute little animals I can find.

You probably shouldn’t leave me alone to pet sit.

4. I used to live abroad and travel.


I spent several years living in Scotland, briefly keeping a private blog of my travels for family back home. I wasn’t real good at blogging then either.

I really miss it. It’s what I dream about from desk at work. It’s also what inspires my fantasy countries and helps me world build places.

5. I have a bachelor’s in biology and master’s in animal behaviour. I had mixed feelings about my master’s course that are part of the reason why I stepped away from the scientific community for a time. I now do payroll and data entry; basically the same thing I used to do minus the need to write up a scientific journal at the end of the week.



But now what? What do I plan to do with this blog while I have it over the course of the next year?

I’ve had several plans and ideas. I don’t really want to be another blog that reviews books or publishes my everyday feelings on topics I don’t have much to do with.

I think what I would like to do is start posting bits and blurbs of writing. Perhaps a short story here or there, or up the amount of quotes from my upcoming series.

Or maybe I’ll talk about my cat. He is pretty fluffy.


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