World Building Prompt #1

My coworkers were going around taking breakfast orders for a local chain restaurant because when one person decides they have a craving for something in particular we all will end up getting in on it too. This morning, it was for cheese biscuits or, as the one called them, cathead biscuits.

The only reason I’ve seen as to why they are called “cathead” might be because they are about the size of a cat’s head.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had one of those,” I told them when they came around to my desk.

“You need a healing,” the eldest woman of the office cried, and then began to describe the cheese-filled pastry I needed to try in such a way that I couldn’t help thinking I would need that healing after I ate it.

But I have survived Scottish and English breakfasts in the past, a messy plate of things like eggs, sausage, bacon, baked beans, fried tomato, and black pudding so saw no harm in a biscuit with some cheese. And by all accounts, I do like it. Just maybe not for breakfast as the heavy lump sat uncomfortably with me for the rest of the morning.

“You’re not southern!” the woman in my office declared when I announced my verdict, which I am fairly certain my accent gave that one away.


What does breakfast look like in your fictional world? Is it a big affair or something small on the go? Does a region have a special name for it? What about it might seem strange to foreigners?

For ideas, think about how you start your day, or do a search for what is typical for other countries. What types of food are available? How much can they afford to spend on breakfast economically? Are there other tasks or chores that may need to be done before breakfast?

Feel free to share any ideas you may have or comment on the most unique breakfast you’ve ever seen or tried.

In my own work:

There are two extremes seen in Absolute: the lower class farmers and the upper class government workers. Seeing as this is set around 1900 times, farmers really won’t have a lot of access to anything imported. Teas and porridge will likely be more the staple and rarely skipped because you would need a hardy meal before a long day of manual labour.

Contrary to this, the government officials in the capital city would have their pick of anything that was shipped in. Exotic fruits, teas or coffees, and dishes may slowly be entering those who circles who would think it fashionable to show their status to the neighbours. Even when not flaunting themselves, porridge would be rare as it would be looked down upon as too heavy a breakfast food and not particularly exciting.

Common breakfasts might include bread and cheese, sliced cured meats, and eggs.

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