World Building Prompt #2

This post goes out to my fellow travelers, especially the ones who probably wondered what it was I was doing.

After living abroad, there has been a thing I’ve decidedly not taken for granted since my return: free wifi.

Currently I sit with my head resting against the interior wall, still groggy from my over night train, and can still manage my blog in relative comfort. It was a hassle on long train journeys (I am think in particular of the times I had to run back and forth from Scotland to London managing visas) when you had little more than 15 minutes complimentary wifi for your trip.

They did say 30 minutes, but it had a tendency of shutting off your access and letting the clock run down to make you pay for more. I was onto their game.

When I went to Switzerland with classmates, the one spoke of a quote that I cannot seem to find describing British rail system. I believe it compared it to being punched by a large sweaty Russian wrestler. Amtrak is no picnic either, but they turn down the lights on overnight trains here.

While I was in Switzerland it felt like a luxury to have trains that arrived when they said they would. Today’s journey has been delays with no answers and service people not at their friendliest thanks to a storm brewing in the North East. I am already counting down the hours I have left in my journey until I can escape and relax in a hotel after a long hot shower.


Think about transportation in your fantasy world and for ease pick one to consider (maybe the most popular or something that your characters use). What is it? Train, plane, automobile? Do they walk, fly in a space ship, or ride giant green tigers?

From there consider what it might be like to travel that way. Sure, spaceships sound exciting and you or I would likely be glued to every window, but once that wears off it would be a lot of the same passing by. Introverts might find public transport too crowded or stuffy. It might be hard for those with travel anxiety to make plans with something that you can always count on being late or never showing up at all. Mounts have the same biological needs as their riders (food, water, sleep).

Feel free to share or comment any ideas you have! 🙂

In my own work:

Automobiles are new and mostly only owned by the wealthy still at this point. I am fortunate to have access to a Model T to reference when I need ideas. It has no headlights or windows, save a small windshield that does not have wipers. In order to start it you must turn a crank at the front and if it stalls you hop out, run around, turn the crank and run back. And did I mention that only one of the doors opens?

I do have trains being a primary means for traveling distances in my novel. The seats are narrow wooden benches, and after a long day of travel anyone would be sore. Tickets are hand written on large slips of paper and marked with inked stamps by the ticket master.

Feel free to check out the last prompt as well as my own reply to it.

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