Genericon and Wearing an Unfinished Cosplay

For some people, especially with those with aspirations of being among the “Cos-Famous”, you would never see them in anything less than perfect. And if you commented on it they would of course bemoan that there were a number of problems with it that made it terrible.

My own journey with costuming and cosplay has brought me to the stage in my life where I learn to shrug at mistakes and unfinished parts and wear most things out with enough confidence to have a good time. There is an orange strand that circles true form Midna’s head that was left off of my costume for the first year. I rushed through my Lunafreya dress and did not have what I needed so it doesn’t sit quite right. I am still missing gloves for Roe2 even though it was the feature picture on my cards.

This though… It was a push. I realised I wasn’t going to finish and with each passing week kept ticking off parts that weren’t going to be a part of my initial debut. I went for it anyway.

Here are my reasons why:

  1. This is a difficult costume. Have you seen Moira from Overwatch? No? Here’s what she is supposed to look like:

    What have I gotten myself into?

    I am going to give myself some credit that I am even attempting this. I don’t have a team of designers to aid me and the closest Joann’s to my current location is nearly 2 hours away (I was horrified when I discovered this). And yet that is not deterring me.

  2. I will finish this eventually. And I have proof! I wore it the other weekend! Hot glued and safety pinned together for the time being, but it is in progress.


    Normally there’s more of a mess when I work.

  3. This was not being judged that weekend. Thankfully I was not looking to compete. That would have been extra stress on top of trying to solder my lights that still will not work. But as far as I see it, if it is not competing, it does not have to be perfect. Why does it need to be? If it is for other people’s opinion of me I would wonder what my own motivations are for cosplaying.


    This did win Best in Show once. I compete on rare occasions…

  4. I was more comfortable. I realised a few hours into my day when my feet were exhausted that I could sit, somewhat, into a bucket style auditorium chair because I didn’t have all the pieces I should. This worked out perfectly!


    Sometimes the best part of any day is the part where you can get off your feet.

  5. I cosplay for fun. Lastly, and the biggest reason for me is that this is a hobby. I do it for fun, because I like to make things, it is a great way to meet new people and make friends when you have none, and it helps keep my mental sanity in difficult times.

    The Ultimate Trash Trio


And… I did have fun that weekend! Most people who talked to me were amazed I was attempting it and I shrugged as I told everyone, “I just want to wear what I could.”


Why yes, the disorganized mess on the right is me.

Really, the weekend was a good getaway for me. This was my 4th Genericon in a row and currently the most consistent con I’ve attended. Life in the Carolinas has been getting me down, especially since I lack friends or even a peer group of people either in a similar age range or with similar interests. I miss many friends and people I have met through the UNY cosplay groups. I was finally able to convince my brother to attend with me and we pinned a “NPC” tag to his chest.

It’s not the biggest con, and my word you will freeze off bits of you attempting to run between the buildings of a college campus the first weekend of March in New York state! But it’s good to get out and find the people that you know again. Making new friends is hard.

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