World Building Prompt #4

Here I sit on the couch, legs elevated, towel wrapped ice pack balanced over my feet. Tomorrow I am will head to another convention where I am meant to participate in cosplay chess and mingle with some connections I am working on making and I am hoping that I will be able to last spending a couple of days on my feet in usually less than optimal shoes.

No, it wasn’t some freak accident. I wasn’t heroically saving anyone. I can’t even say that the circumstances of my current predicament are dignified in the least.

The other night I got bit. Not by a dog, a shark, a bear, or any other animal that would probably make for a better story.

I got bit by ants.

The fire variety.

My coworkers insisted I go to the walk-in clinic this morning when I turned up for day two with a spreading rash and swollen feet. And then it was the talk of the office. I was suddenly self-conscious of my toes. Maybe I should have gotten a pedicure or at the very least made my toenails even before a dozen different people wanted to stare at them!

The biggest factor to why this all happened is because here you have to spend your time outside looking down. That’s where the demons from hell congregate and are quick to spring into action to anything the invades their space.

I’ve been told many horror stories through all this. From what I understand multiple bites can be lethal and everyone is usually caught unawares, even those who have lived with the menaces underfoot their entire lives.

The prompt:

What sort of pest is local to your setting? How are they the biggest nuisance?

Maybe it’s something familiar, termites that chew into wooden beams or infestations of mice after a particularly good harvest. Maybe it’s something new like space lice that are hard to get rid off from close quartered crew a moth drawn only to magic infused items. Or maybe it is something unusual. Rabbits are a pest depending in where you are.

Feel free to share in the comments if you have any other ideas or if you too have run-ins with the scourge known as fire ants!

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