Moeka in Steins;Gate 0 this week


This post contains a minor spoiler (I think?) for Steins;Gate 0 episode 10. It could be entirely fluff, but I feel it’s fair to warn anyone interested in watching about what is happening in later episodes.

What is not a spoiler, is that I love Moeka, the quiet girl who prefers communication through her phone. And if you’ve seen the original series Steins;Gate you likely think I’m crazy. Most people I know hate her.

And while not everything she does is right, there are many of her thoughts and feelings that I find myself identifying with. So this week when she tells Maho that she is writing a novel, I got excited. I’m writing a novel too!

I am curious to see what it is that she’s writing. The character has broken my heart in the past.

Anyone else watching Steins;Gate? Do you have a favourite character and what’s something you like about them?

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