An Excerpt from my Novel’s Fictional World

Darling Eithne, I hope this letter finds you well. At least better than how I have been faring as of late. I mostly hope that you have been enjoying better weather than it is here. I have been told we have entered a season of perpetual rain. The air is so thick with moisture that nothing will dry after we wash it. I am convinced that I have ruined at least one skirt because of this and my hair is in a constant state of disrepair.

There is one upside to this time of year. We have taken in guests from a nearby village and they are very unique. Everyone here loves them, but I did not understand at first. They live in rooms finer than ours and I do not think they paid for anything that they have. But they would only come for one week out of the entire year and I hope that I am around next year to witness it all again.

Eithne, I will admit they terrified me when I first saw them on the street. There was a whole group of them and the crowds parted to let them through. You could never mistake them for something else. All of them were naked, or nearly so and their heads shorn down to the scalp, even the women and children that were with them looked like this. But had they worn more for clothing it would have covered the black tattoos decorating every inch of them.

I asked everyone why it was there were nude individuals parading through the streets and they all gave me the same answer: “you shall see.” That must be the most infuriating answer to give anyone, so I shall be quick to tell you the reason.

That first night we went out to the streets. The sun sets so much earlier, so it was not quite supper yet and the crowds were lining up in the dark. And then here they come, still naked, but now their skin would glow and flicker. And they danced, at least I assume that is what it was. It was a strange dance, but there was a clear order to it and that they all moved at the same time.

And like fireflies the lights coming from them would be in time. It could start at one part of their body and move to another, from their feet to their heads and back again. Even the children moved in this same beautiful step.

The dark tattoos were lit from behind or within them. I have difficulty understanding how the power of their gifting works, so I may apologise for my lacking description of the event. I have asked as many questions as I could to get answers from them. All I really know is that all of their people are like this. There is not a single plain person in their midst, can you believe it? But they are invited every year to ward off bad spirits and the dark, and to encourage the coming of the summer months for the next year.

Perhaps if you can, you should come for a short time and see it for yourself. We would be very glad to have you.

Love always,


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