World Building Prompt #5

While living in the UK, I wrote many emails something like this:

Good afternoon Jane Doe.

I hope you are staying dry in this weather. I read that it may remain like this for the rest of the week.

The reason why I am contacting you is that while I was going over the documents that you sent to me I found one that was missing out on some information. When you have a moment, it would be appreciated if you could add in Mr. John Smith’s phone and address and send the form once more to me.

If possible, I would like to have it before I leave the office today, but if not please let me know when I might be able to expect it.

Kind regards,

Kris Lynn

Compare the same request at my current job here in the US:

John Smith is missing information. Fill out and resend.

We had a discussion on this recently between me and my coworkers. They hate receiving long messages. “Just tell me what you want!” is the general feeling they have when they see paragraphs of text. On the other side of it I was concerned that the short messages they sent me were that they were angry with me because it was so direct.


Write a letter within your fictional world. How do you start it? With Hello, Dear __, Hey Friendo (that’s how one of my friends starts letters to me), or is there nothing at all and you jump right into the meat of the message?

Are there qwirks to how you write a message? In the UK we started out discussing the weather, but there was always a message within it (something like optimism over the promise of better weather, or frustration because plans had to be changed for example).

I tried to do this with a letter between friends in my last post (Read it here about people who glow), but I didn’t realise until after I shared it tha3t I had accidentally started out discussing the weather!

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