Wizards and Wormholes

I wanted to try a writing prompt and I’m a little late, but I did one of these https://puttingmyfeetinthedirt.com/2018/08/01/august-writing-prompts/

“Are you ready, Mr. Wizard?”

The chair swiveled just enough to see her, an imposing woman with a face that the crew had said never smiled. His mouth went dry. “Yes, captain. I’m finalizing the calculations now.”

“Good,” she said before checking in with another member of the crew. He relaxed and turned back to his screen filled with lines of complicated figures. He had never planned on joining the astronauts in space, yet here he was. His heart rate increased again and he gripped the edge of his console to steady himself.

The person to his right leaned over. “Nervous?”

The only thing he could do was nod. One hand released its death hold on his station to review the final numbers. It was now or never.

When engineering was ready the code would launch and create a wormhole. Science to him, magic to the rest. At any point it could fail, but they had run so many tests and simulations that everyone had deemed it safe. But being the first, all eyes were on him.

Through the tiny porthole the light changed and he saw for the first time what he had created. Control on earth was filling their radios with questions of what it looked like, but he had no words. The captain filled them in. “Our wizard did it.”

Where would it go? Would they be able to return? Would they even survive entering it? The ship began to glide forward and slipped inside.

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