What I’ve learned from my first hurricane…

Florence has been my first taste of hurricanes in person and it has been a real eye opening experience. Everyone I know who also hails from somewhere near New England has commented to me that it was still better than a blizzard. I do not agree with that sentiment.

Having studied some hurricane tracking in my education years, I will skip over that in favor of the things that have been the most eye opening for me after moving here late last year.

1. People will kill you to get supplies. On the Monday before I was nearly trampled by the frantic shoppers running out of stores with five cases of water loaded into their carts and that much weight makes it difficult to steer. Not that I think they were trying to.

2. Hurricanes bring tornados. And I live near sea level and sand so basements are not an option. I still don’t properly know what to do if one actually hits where I am.

3. You still have to go to work and I don’t understand why. Why was it important that I run turnover reports Thursday afternoon after Lowes and Walmart closed? Why are people losing their jobs who evacuated their homes? Why is North Carolina’s policy on work so strict? See an example here

4. I wasn’t prepared. Luckily for me and my family we managed without property damage. But we were surrounded by plenty of people who did. My father commented yesterday that crop losses are estimated in the billions as we drove past still drowning fields of ruined soy or cotton. I am not sure what shops will be able to reopen in our nearest town that flooded. Trash has been piled alongside the roads as people are pulling water damaged items from their homes and businesses.

Perhaps it is because I am not a Carolinian, but it has been a week and I still don’t feel like I understand what has happened.

2 thoughts on “What I’ve learned from my first hurricane…

  1. H.R.R. Gorman says:

    As a native born and bred North Carolinian, I’ve never really had that much fear of hurricanes. When it’s a bad one, though, it can be really bad – and I think that’s where the frightening bits about them are. With Wilmington still partially underwater and a lot of the roads still flooded, I think it’s safe to say that Florence was a rough one. Even so, the path turned away from me and good ol’ Raleigh, so I came out pretty ok.
    Glad to see that you came out relatively ok!

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