The World Inside Absolute

The Nations InvolvedFictional World Map terrain

The story primarily takes place in the country Kiviesi. Liesta and Velene are their neighbouring allies and have been for nearly two decades. Kreva is considered an aggressor by many to the south ever since the last war. Although Laipik is it’s own soverign nation, it follows laws set to it by Kiviesi. There are no current restrictions on trade between Kiviesi and its neighbouring countries. Goods from Kreva are rare.
The decade war was the last war fought in the are before the start of the story. The major parties involved were Kreva (and any unnamed allies further to the north) v. Liesta and Valene who have mostly been close with one another. About halfway through this war Liesta/Valene sent representatives to the other countries looking for aid. Kiviesi strengthened prior agreements in return for help. Amaruras and Eralet remained neutral in the conflict.


The primary religion of the region is a polytheistic belief in a small collection of gods that collectively determine(or determined) the outcome of the world. There are temples dedicated to all the gods as a whole and visitors bring small offerings and to pray. In Eralet it differs slightly that the belief is that the gods became the first powered people instead of creating them. There are other beliefs for smaller groups including different gods (such as ones from further countries) or belief the gods do not exist.